Friday, December 11, 2009

I am starting a series of posts on children's photography!!!

My artistic medium is and always has been photography. I think that capturing the essence of your child's personality in a photograph is such a beautiful, priceless thing. Over the years, I've photographed many children, and have taught classes and just given simple tips to mom's on how to take better at home pictures of their children. I've even taught classes to nurses in the NICU, on how to help parents get better photos of ther wee ones in the dim hospital lighting. It always gives me such a good feeling to help parents in this little, tiny way. After losing our daughter Mya in 2004, we've seen firsthand just how priceless photographs can be. I shared on my old mom's message board, a series of posts on different photography related topics, and a few people have recently emailed me to see if I'd share again, and elaborate a bit more. Absolutely! Now is the perfect time, as we're all nestled away in the house on the chilly desert evenings. I'll try to keep these posts as regular and "weekly" as possible, with my regular posting scattered in between.

My first topic, to be addressed next week, is LIGHTING...

Here, just for a trip down memory lane, are a few of my favorites of my own children from over the years...










Friday, December 4, 2009

Public Service Announcement

A little peek into our lives this week...